The Area

The Lund Park area of Keighley, West Yorkshire, is in the bottom 3% of multiple deprivations in Engand. Young people grow up surounded by poverty, drugs and crime  It is home to many different people from a variety of ethnicities,  backgrounds and faiths.  There are many language and communications barriers between  groups from different backgrounds. There are major misconceptions between groups about  norms and beliefs, even in the young who have been schooled locally. Local projects have made a difference - but there is much more to do.


The Lund Park Group encourages a community spirit, celebrates cultural  diversity & activity promotes community cohesion. It does this by providing inclusive activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Lund Park Area and neighbourhood. The film project iwas a way of engaging young people and helped to give them a voice


Growing up in Keighley

So what's it like growing up in Keighley? So some of those who wanted to help us make a film in Keighley tells us like what it was like for them growing up in the area and the things that worry them





And What the Parents Have to Say

Documentry film maker Emma Denniss asked partents in and around the Lund Park area what their hopes and fears were for their children growing up in Keighley




Keighleyfilm - The Lund Park Community Film Project

The project was supported by the Near Neighbours, which has the aim of increasing social interaction to develop positive relationships in multi-faith areas. Lead by Lund Park committee member David Halsall the project brought together a range of people from the area to make a film which included some of the problems people face but also showed the area in a positive light.


Key to the success of the project was involving local people both in front and behind the camera working with professional filmmakers.


Workshops were run for many months involving as many people as possible to produce a script with was interesting but also had a powerful message. A modern day parable about making the right choices !


Much of the filming took place on the streets in and around the Lund Park area to have a highly visible presence and involve as many people as possible




  near neighbours Bradford