An Introduction by Roy Williams

The Lund Park Community Group was set up over 5 years ago by a neighbour based on Mannville Road surrounding the park. Ruth had the idea of trying to leaflet some support from a group of people who live directly surrounding the park to get together to discuss the issues affecting the Lund Park area.Ruth managed to get the interest of about a dozen residents to form what is now called, 'The Lund Park Community Group'.(LPCG)

lund park in the summer

The LPCG went from strength to strength and after many meetings of the group, often at No.136 Malsis Road the group struck up a good relationship and gelled together. The aims & objectives of the group was based around challenging a negative perception of the Lund Park area. As residents of the area we were often being targeted by negative press from the Keighley News. Although many reports of drug abuse, prostitution, attacks on people going through the park, and many others were to a certain extent true, we as residents felt the area had many more positive attributes than negative traits.The main thrust of our work was to foster and develop better community cohesion between all the communities in the Knowle Park area.

Tea in the Park is a regular event which bring local residents together


There are 3 main identifiable communities who live in the area, the white community, Pakistani families (mainly from the Mirpur region of Pakistan) and a smaller Bangladeshi community. The Bangladeshi community have a designated centre close to the park which serves some of their needs. Whereas the Pakistani community do not have an equivalent resource. .

The Lund Park Lantern Beats Procession organised by the LPCG

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The idea of Near Neighbours is to bring people together who are in communities that are religiously and ethnically diverse, so that they can get to know each other better, build relationships of trust and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community they live in.